Talal & Edyta
Talal was born in Fès, Morocco, in 1980. His interest in music appeared already from a very young age. When he arrived in Belgium as a student in the year 2000, he discovered salsa and very quickly became aware of his talent and motivation to invest in it.

He joined one of the local dance teams in Brussels and performed with them on local Belgian, but also international events. In 2004 he established his own dance company "Salsa Sunrise " of which he is the director. Since then he works as a professional instructor, performer and choreographer.

He created his own style, which is characterized by his passion, energy, and creativity. He teaches salsa in Brussels , both on "1" and on "2", and is known for the effective way in which he teaches the technique of leading and following.

He performs now with a great salsa dancer and Salsa Libre instructor Edyta Czagowiec. Edyta Czagowiec is a well known dancer, instructor, performer and choreographer based in Milan, Italy Talal&Edyta, Latin Soul Dancers, Jose&Edyta.